Top 50 Continuing Medical Education Blogs

Published by Erin Johansson on Fri Apr 16, 2010

Continuing medical education (CME) is a must in today’s medical fields. From nurses to physicians, this ever-changing field is moving faster than ever. In the following list of top 50 continuing medical education blogs offer news, learning opportunities and information on health informatics, oncology, allergies and much more.

Image of The Doctor by Sir Luke FildesGeneral CME Blogs

  1. Anne T.- V.’s Blog: Current awareness about news articles and Web resources for CE providers and medical/health educators, including chiropractors.
  2. Cleveland Clinic Center for Continuing Education: This Center is responsible for one of the largest and most diverse CME programs anywhere, and they share knowledge on their site.
  3. CME Buzz: Community and blogs abound in this CME-focused site. Join to learn more about continuing medical education opportunities.
  4. CME Linkages: Debra L. Gist, MPH, FACME, shares links regularly that point to continuing medical education information.
  5. CME List: This blog reflects the comprehensive reviews and lists maintained by Dr. Bernard Sklar.
  6. Conversations In CME with Floyd Pennington: Musings on the field by Floyd Pennington, PhD, President of CTL Associates, Inc., a Continuing Medical Education Services Company.
  7. DLC Solutions Blog: This company offers software platforms for the health community and provides a blog that focuses on medical learning systems.
  8. Johns Hopkins CME Blog: This blog provides up-to-date clinical and research information in educational formats.
  9. MedBuzz: This is a fast-growing blog, community and information service for anyone in the medical industry. Includes links to CME On Demand.
  10. Medical Meetings: Use this site to learn more about news, opportunities and careers in the medical field.
  11. Medical Student Blog: This blog belongs to a medical student who also is a tech entrepreneur.
  12. TRIP Database Blog: The TRIP Database is a clinical search engine designed to allow clinicians to quickly find answers to questions using the best available evidence.
  13. World Hospital Directory: This directory is useful for job searches, but the blog also is a necessary bookmark for anyone seeking news and information about CME.

EmergencyEmergency Medicine and Critical Care

  1. Academic Life in Emergency Medicine: This blog aims to give you a “behind the scenes” peak into the academic world of emergency medicine.
  2. Acute Care, Inc. Blog: This blog is designed to serve as a dynamic record of issues, developments and practical strategies associated with “EM in the Heartland.”
  3. EM-Blog: This blog is presented by The Center for Medical Education, Inc., one of the largest emergency medicine CME resources in the country.
  4. EMedHome: This site’s mission is to provide a user-friendly clinical resource that is designed to be the premier educational website for emergency physicians.
  5. Emergency Medicine Blog: This is a hands-on compilation of resources provided by Chew Keng Sheng in Malaysia, where emergency medicine is a relatively new field.
  6. Emergency Physicians Monthly: This blog reflects the content in the “Independent Voice for Emergency Physicians.”
  7. Sinai EM: This blog brings technology to the bedside for improved patient care, including Mount Sinai’s ‘Emergency and Critical Care Ultrasound CME.’

PharmocologyOther Topics

  1. ACP Internist: This blog provides news and information for internists about the practice of medicine and reports on the policies, products and activities of the American College of Physicians.
  2. Allergy Notes: Allergy, asthma and immunology news updated daily by a former Cleveland Clinic assistant professor. Dr. Dimov also maintains Allergy Cases.
  3. BioJobBlog: Dr. Mintz is founder of BioInsights, a biopharmaceutical education and training organization, among other things “bio.”
  4. Cliniversity: This blog covers the gamut in clinical research learning.
  5. Dr. Shock: This is the personal blog of a Dutch psychiatrist working in a University hospital.
  6. Global Health Blog: Learn more about how urbanization is affecting global health and development.
  7. JACI Journal Club: The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology provides a monthly discussion focused on specific articles.
  8. JACI News Beyond Our Pages: This blog brings breaking news and latest research to the allergy and immunology community.
  9. Personalized Medicine and The Future of Pharmacy Practice: This blog belongs to the University of British Columbia and is part of an ongoing pharmacy course.
  10. Pharmacology Corner: This blog offers continuing medical education on clinical pharmacology.
  11. PharmaLive: Considered the “pulse of the pharmaceutical industry,” this blog provides pharmaceutical news. Click on the tab for ‘blogs’ to read more.
  12. Policy and Medicine: A former political consultant shares his knowledge about U.S. policies and medicine.
  13. Science Life: The University of Chicago Medical Center offers a blog filled with news and ideas in biomedicine.
  14. Science-Based Medicine: Learn by exploring issues and controversies in the relationship between science and medicine.
  15. The Mole: This blog offers an insider’s perspective on the news and practice trends in dermatology from the staff of Skin & Allergy News.

NYC Public LibraryResources

  1. Adoption Doctors Medical Education Blog: Families and medical professionals can learn much from Dr. Rogu, the Medical Director of
  2. Biological Informatics: This blog was developed and created by Internet expert, author, keynote speaker and consultant Marcus P. Zillman, M.S., A.M.H.A.
  3. Denialism Blog: Join three bloggers as they discuss “denialism” in topics that range from medicine to medical education and from law to science.
  4. Dr. Chucks Blog: Dr. Chuck is teaching, learning, into technology, standards and interoperability among other things.
  5. Health Informatics Forum: Network, read blogs, catch up on the news about health informatics at this site.
  6. Healthcare Informatics: policy, technology, and money: Healthcare informatics includes information technology, but deals with people, law, power, and money as much as with hardware and software.
  7. Informaticopia: Eclectic news and views on health informatics and elearning, by Rod Ward & colleagues i the UK.
  8. Literature, Arts and Medicine Blog: This blog is linked to and is an extension of The NYU School of Medicine medical humanities web site and the Literature, Arts, and Medicine Database.
  9. MGMA In Practice Blog: A healthy dose of the best ideas in medical practice management from the Medical Group Management Association.
  10. NEGEA Libraries in Medical Education: The American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) encourages regional collaboration and opportunities for AAMC members.
  11. Pallimed: This is a hospice and palliative medicine blog directed to medical professionals.
  12. Prime: This leader in educational program design, accreditation, execution and evaluation offers case studies, videos and news that can help any medical professional.
  13. Ted Eytan, MD: Learn more about e-Health, patient empowerment and patient-centered health information technology at this blog.
  14. Wishful Thinking in Medical Education: This GP and clinical lecturer in Cardiff University, Wales, UK, is interested in the use of new technologies to further medical education.
  15. YJHM Blog: This is the companion blog to the Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine.

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