7 Ways to Keep Your Children Healthy Through Flu Season

Published by admin on Tue Mar 02, 2010

Kids as the word clarify itself are the most prone group to the flu when this disease happen to be on its peak during flu season when swine flu and seasonal flu come to  gather for a combined attack. And to being obvious kids happen to be the most affected group from these diseases. Despite being threat from the disease there are several ways by which young children, preschoolers and toddlers can be protected during the bad season.
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7 Essential Free Web Apps for Nurses

Published by admin on Wed Jan 27, 2010

Nursing that is one of the most demanded and noble career in present circumstances in health care industry present various job conditions and stress level while working in the industry when listening to doctors as well as patients, in that situation a nurse can seek help from free web applications available to them for having ideas and suggestion about common medical terminology, drugs and other aspects.
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Online Nursing: An Overview

Published by admin on Tue Jan 05, 2010

Nursing is one of the most important jobs in the healthcare profession. Nurses are the one thing that doctors cannot do without, other than their stethoscopes. They are a doctor’s right hand and handle the details. While the doctors do the grand surgeries and examinations, the nurse will be the one that ensures the patient takes their medication, check them for any changes in their recovery, both good and bad, and are the more human face of medicine.
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