Scholarships and Grants for Continuing Nurse Education

Continuing education can be expensive, though, and while you may qualify for tuition reimbursement programs through your employer or loan forgiveness programs through the government, that doesn’t solve the problem of how to pay for college today. Even online continuing education programs are too expensive for many nurses to consider without financial aid.

There’s good news, though. In part because of the vast nursing shortage across the United States, government department, private groups, companies, and schools are offering millions of dollars every year to nurses who go back to school. Whether you are an RN with your associate’s degree and want to get your bachelor degree, or you already have a bachelor degree and want an even more advanced nursing degree, you can find scholarships and grants that may help you continue your education if you qualify.

The first place to look for financial aid is through the government. If you’re a bachelor’s degree student, you may qualify for the Federal Pell Grant. This grant does not have field of study restrictions and the amount you may be eligible for is based on your family income. Every year, thousands of students qualify for this grant, but the amount given to students changes from year to year.

Your college may also offer nursing scholarships and grants. Most programs have financial aid for students based on both merit and need. When you are looking at programs, this is one of the characteristics you may want to consider – how much financial aid will be available at each school? Some schools that may at first seem way too expensive for you may actually be extremely manageable when you find out about their financial aid opportunities.

Lastly, you can look to private organizations, community groups, nursing associations, companies, and more for scholarships and grants to continue your education. Some have funds that are available with no restriction on program of study. Others are specifically for students interested in a career in healthcare, while still others are only available for nursing students. All of these scholarships and grants, however, tend to be extremely competitive. Some groups that have offered monies to nursing students in the past include the following:

  • AAOHN Foundation
  • Alpha Tau Delta
  • American Association of Critical Care Nurses
  • CrossLites
  • Daughters of the American Revolution
  • Global Scholarship Alliance
  • Health Careers Foundation
  • Health Occupations Students of America
  • Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society
  • IHC Foundation
  • Infusion Nursing Society
  • International Order of the King’s Daughters and Sons
  • National Association of Hispanic Nurses
  • National Coalition of Ethnic Minority Nurse Associations
  • National Gerontological Nurses Association
  • National Student Nurses’ Association
  • Neuroscience Nursing Foundation
  • Oncology Nursing Society
  • Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nurses Society

This is not by far an exhaustive list of all the organizations offering money for nursing education, so there’s no reason not to at least consider going back to school for advanced training in your field.

Online Nursing Education Programs

Kaplan University
MSN: Administration
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Kaplan University - The mission of Kaplan University's College of Nursing is to educate the next generation of healthcare professionals via an advanced online environment. The university features a bachelor's degree and master's degree for RNs, which includes the specializations of Nurse Administrator and Nurse Educator. Courses are taught by experienced professionals that bring their real-world skills into the classroom.
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Grand Canyon University
MSN: Health Informatics
MSN: Nurse Education
Grand Canyon University - The Grand Canyon University College of Nursing and Health Sciences is the Southwest's leader in healthcare education. Courses feature academic and clinical rigor with Christian values to graduate committed healthcare professionals. Obtain a BSN, MSN Health Informatics Degree, or a nurse educator MSN.
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South University
South University - South University offers students both a Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Nursing. The on-campus bachelor's program prepares students for careers at acute care hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, and community-based clinics. The online master's program develops advanced clinical teaching skills and research.
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