7 Ways to Keep Your Children Healthy Through Flu Season

Published by admin on Tue Mar 02, 2010

Kids as the word clarify itself are the most prone group to the flu when this disease happen to be on its peak during flu season when swine flu and seasonal flu come to  gather for a combined attack. And to being obvious kids happen to be the most affected group from these diseases. Despite being threat from the disease there are several ways by which young children, preschoolers and toddlers can be protected during the bad season.

  1. Strict enforcement of School & Day Care Sick Kid Policy: There should be strict enforcement of school or daycare sick policy. A kid suffering from the disease should make an entry into school only after 24 hours after consuming fever reducing medicine. Even home based day cares to may loose rules with sick children. Therefore, parents should ensure that baby sitter or home based care provider is consistent in providing and forcing sick kid policy.
  2. Teaching kid to avoid spreading Swine Flu Virus: There is an advisory from The Center for Diseases Control (CDC) that a kid should be vaccinated against swine flu as soon as vaccine is available to them. More kid should be inspired to have good hand hygiene. Teach kid to use a tissue to cough or sneeze into.
  3. Scrub Surfaces: Employ Lysol® or Clorox® disinfecting wipes on frequently used surfaces to kill disease causing germs. Always travel with a hand sanitizer to disinfect in places where hand washing is not possible.
  4. Washing Toys frequently: Wash toys frequently in a warm soap solution as it can be done by soaking toys for several minutes in a large tub and then scrubbing them with a dish scrubber. And only after washing and drying toys should be given to a kid.
  5. Have Nutritious Food: Other way to fight with seasonal flu is having balanced and nutritious food. Fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits happen to be rich in vitamins and minerals and that can improve bodies’ immune system.
  6. Inspiring Kids to have nutritious food: Parents can inspire their kids to by going creative to eat nutritious food by cutting vegetables into shapes liked by children. More, they can blend vegetables into the favorite recipes and dishes liked by kids.
  7. By Decreasing Stress: As stress decreases immunity too, therefore for the good sake of family and its health, parent should manage stress in such a manner so they may not comprise with the health of the family as to decrease their immunity.

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