7 Essential Free Web Apps for Nurses

Published by admin on Wed Jan 27, 2010

Nursing that is one of the most demanded and noble career in present circumstances in health care industry present various job conditions and stress level while working in the industry when listening to doctors as well as patients, in that situation a nurse can seek help from free web applications available to them for having ideas and suggestion about common medical terminology, drugs and other aspects.

  1. Educational Games: These tool as in form of games are very helpful nurse as they teach there young patients about working of immunes system and functionality of IVIG as to helping them to remain healthy and stayed. Of the many games GGL Slip is a game about destroying bacteria. In game, here, one can also judge skill as a pilot and gunner in the game. Other, important game is Macrophage that is a method for destroying and finding bacteria.
  2. Nursing Consultant: This is a very helpful tool for nurses prevent 10 “Never Events” with the help of this tool as identified by the centers for Medicare and Medicaid services (CMS). Apart from the tool at the site nurses would have other nursing related utilities like 38 leading full text nursing journals, drug information and calculators, 370 practice guidelines and Nursing and Medical News.
  3. Nursing Central: It is a nursing mobile solution where ample information is available on diseases, tests and procedures. It has database of nearly 4,600 drugs and 56,000 dictionary terms. Apart from remaining in touch with in medical news it also integrates Taber’s Medical Dictionary, Davis Drug Guide, Diseases and Disorders, Laboratory and Diagnostic tests and unbound medline.
  4. Daycare Nurse: This is a caring genre game and is in a simulation practice. In the game, a player has to help a nurse in taking care of nurses as effectively as possible. The game is played with the help of a mouse.
  5. Bishop’s Score Calculator: This application compatible with iPhone and iPod touch is an Obstetric calculator to measure Bishop’s Score. Result of this score is used for assess probability of impending delivery as well as expected success rate if labor is induced. The calculations also take into care prior deliveries and pregnancy complications.
  6. Epocrates Rx: It is one of the free iPhone apps, Epocrates Rx, which includes a drug guide, formulary information and drug interaction checker. This particular product also involves constant and regular free updates and medical news. And this application further more remains static on the device so information can be checked out without wireless connection.
  7. Eponyms for the iPhone: This application brings out the downloadable iTunes store from the eponym database from Andrew J. Yee for your iPhone or iPod touch.

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